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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 30, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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guests that the florida aquarium. walch. >> he knows when you have been sleeping and knows when you are awake and when you have been scuba diving because he scuba dives for goodness sake. carley: santa will be taking the plunge every saturday until christmas. how fun is that. griff: "fox & friends" begins right now. >> assume you are infected, that warning coming from top health experts. >> now is not the time to let our guard down. we have really gout to be diligent and comply with the cdc guidelines. bret: you have not ruled down a statewide shut down. >> has to stay on the table. hate like heck to consider that. >> this election was rigged. it was a total fraud. >> we did it right. this was a secure election. >> i think what you are going to see is a group of individuals who are going to serve as a counter balance to the values of the socialist squad. >> violence thanksgiving weekend in chicago leaves nine dead, 37 people shot.
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in 57% increase in shootings and killings compared to this time last year. >> the future of our country is on the ballot on january 5th right here in georgia. we are the firewall to socialism. >> rogers -- a bunch of it. end zonal shot. adam goes up and gets it. touchdown green bay. ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle bells ♪ jingle all the way ♪ o what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh. steve: we are through thanksgiving okay to do the christmas song. this is one of the songs you play just before christmas. just saying as we look at the all-american christmas tree at fox square. welcome to the big studio here in the heart of midtown manhattan. welcome aboard. brian is off. we have will cain on today. ainsley: i watched you all weekend did you a great job. will: thank you, ainsley.
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ainsley: when do you put your tree up. will: are we new yorkers or texans in not going up on any timely basis but usually going up now after thanksgiving. ainsley: mine is going up today. steve: outside our building we have a tree. ainsley: it's american tree red, white, and blue. steve: today is cyber monday. meanwhile, this is the big story today, the worst of the pandemic they say is yet to come. that warning coming from top health officials as millions of americans traveled home or traveled somewhere for thanksgiving. >> we may see a surge upon a surge. we don't want to frighten people but that's just the reality. we said that these things would happen as we got into the cold weather and as we began traveling. and they have happened. it's going to happen again. ainsley: experts say tighter restrictions could be here before christmas.
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in california, more than 10 million residents are now under lockdown today. other counties are rolling back nonessential activities and imposing curfews. will: the good news is on the horizon. u.k. says first vaccine rollout could be just days away. and here in the u.s., emergency use authorization could come as soon as december 10th? steve: meanwhile, the first pfizer dozens o dozen doses of e was delivered in chicago this weekend. that way they can begin just days after approval. they are prepositioning the doses so that as soon as they get the agreement green light ey will be able to figure out whether or not they will be first on the list to actually get it. dr. birx said something over the weekend that i thought was kind of troubling but probably realistic. if you traveled or with you were family outside of your normal bubble. just assume that you've got the coronavirus.
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and she suggested that people get a test within a week, if they were out and about and traveled this week. and if you are in your house around your family members, you should probably wear a mask so you don't infect your family. ainsley: yeah, if you traveled, then you have to play by the rules. we hope that everyone does, just to sty safe so we don't infect other people. that's great news about the vaccine. they are bringing it in on those airplanes so it's ready to go as soon as the fda does approve. this dr. janette nesheiwat was talking about the crack seens earlier on "fox & friends first." watch this. >> don't want to rush this vaccine. once they meet on december 10th, the earliest that this vaccine will be ships out would be the very next day. so that's what we are hoping for. so far in the trials and the studies that we have had, which included thousands of volunteers who have already received the vaccine there has been no severe life threatening allergic reactions or adverse reactions. that is very reassuring. i do believe by the last two weeks of december we are going to be getting these vaccines in
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it's ultimately going to save lives. i'm super excited about that. ainsley: the "new york post" is report not guilty u.k. they got 2 million more doses of the vaccine and rolling it out in a few days, will. will: this point can be underlined repeated over and over. stunning how quickly this vaccine made it to market and distribution. operation warp speed an absolute success that should be repeated over and over. a process that normally takes years has been accelerated to take place in a couple of months. i will say, this steve, i'm not ready to start wearing a mask around my family. i don't know what we will call it, individual spirit. but i'm not going to be putting on a mask around my family on any. steve: experts are saying. will: no, no, no. steve: will, think about that you go out at grandma's house and come home and dr. birx says if you have in your community people over 65, you have got to protect them. you would hate to have somebody
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my age give to somebody a little older or vice versa whereas they are just saying just be safe. and the other thing about getting the shout, remember this. it's a two shot shot. let's say you are on the first list in the first round and you get it by december 20th, you don't get the second shot until january 20th. and then how long does it take before it kicks in? a week or two? so it's great that, you know, we are on the verge of getting the vaccines districted. there will be a race to see who gets it. but then there is also the lag time of the second shot and then when does it kick in? ainsley: the businesses though are what we worry about, too. you have to worry about all the factors. it's about keeping your family safe and about keeping these businesses alive and they all need more stimulus money. the governor of new jersey was interviewed over the weekend he says a lockdown is on the table. he's not ruling that out. when you look at the number of small businesses closed because of the pandemic, in new jersey, 31.2% have closed. in new york 27.8. and there is this bar that's in
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staten island. i was watching this interview earlier on "fox & friends first," and this guy owns this public house. and he said look at the are telling me i'm in the orange zone i need to close down. i can't afford. to say i got in this business to protect my family and feed my family. i'm doing it safely wearing masks and washing our hands. they took his liquor license away. he found a loophole, is he serving alcohol and food for free and he is asking people to drop by and gave donation and his restaurant is full of people and people are coming by and driving from the different burr lowes to support his business. will: my point about the mask light hearted everyone is trying to be safe. what happens with policy makers americans are not going to follow guidance no matter how sensible it might be. there is an individual spirit. steve: we don't like to be told what to do. at the same time, it's one of those things, a crazy time in personal history where we don't
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quite understand how easy it is to get. will: also accepting the risk on the other side business failure point especially in new jersey that echos and reflects what's happening across the nation. 30% going out of business and knot coming back. this is from eileen keane, new jersey state director of the national federation of independent businesses. she says it's really bad. without federal dollars coming into new jersey the main street stores and other establishments are not going to make it through the winter. this cost on the other side, we are really seeing it when it comes to businesses and failure of these businesses. steve: sure. here in new york city, as it turns out, remember it was about 10 days ago mayor de blasio says you know what? we are going to close the schools. the numbers are going through the roof. ainsley: people complained. steve: what is going to happen a week from today they will reopen the schools. they figured out, do you know what? the kids are actually safer at school then they are at home which is what donald trump has been saying for a couple months now. nonetheless, ainsley, the governor of the state where i live phil murphy was on funged
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yesterday and said, you know what? we don't know what we're going to have to do in the future. watch. >> i'm not sure i would say possible, bret, but it has to stay on the table. you hate like heck to have to even consider that god willing, we won't have to. i would tell you what would really make a difference here. a big federal stimulus, sooner than later with a lifeline to small businesses, restaurants, folks who are unemployed. that would be a game changer. not just in their lives and in their prospects but it gives us more degrees of freedom in terms of dealing with the virus. so it's on the table in terms of a shutdown. i don't anticipate it, and i sure as heck don't want to go that route. but, boy, federal stimulus would give us a lot more ammunition to do a lot more things right now. steve: the question is how much will the stimulus be? austan goolsbee an adviser to president obama said over the weekend that democrats should go ahead and take what happened after that republicans are willing to offer at this point even if it's not even close to
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what nancy pelosi and chuck schumer wants because so many businesses are so hurting right now. ainsley: i was talking to someone who is an older individual who used to only shop at mom and pop stores and then walmarts open, targets open. those are great stores. we all shop there these mom and pop businesses we need to support right now. they are really hurting. if i have a specialty item it i want to buy i try to support whatever store is in my neighborhood because i don't want them to close. some of these big stores are a lot of these store owners are worried they will have to close because you can go to walmart and maybe get an item a little bit cheaper. their point is very valid. they are saying look, why can you go in a walmart and rub elbows with someone in a target or walmart. steve: big box stores. ainsley: why can did you go in there and not come into my small store or restaurant if we are doing it safely? will: big corporations have the best ability to navigate government mandates and
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regulations. small businesses 30% fail. it falls hardest on them. steve: it comes down to what they considered in the beginning an essential business. grocery store is an essential business. hardware stores an essential business. if you are going to be at home you will have to fix things. thank goodness they decided early on that liquor stores were an essential business just saying. ainsley: their sales are through the roof. my liquor store said anxiously we are selling so much alcohol right now. they saw the numbers go up in march. steve: says a lot that the guys at the liquor stores knows your name. ainsley: he actually didn't say my name. steve: mere yum webster come out with the word of the year and it is pandemic. ainsley: yeah. will: of course. steve: moving on to another story we are following this morning live in washington as the president sounds off. he's got more lawsuits doesn't he, griff? >> he does indeed, steve, ainsley will, good morning to you. first interview since the
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election. he says the duong and fbi are missing in action responding to alleged voter fraud. the president blasting the court system in an exclusive interview with our own maria bartiromo. watch. >> we are not allowed to of put in our proof. they say you don't have standing. i would like to file one nice big beautiful lawsuit, with tremendous proof. we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits. you mean, as president of the united states, i don't have standing. what kind of a court system is this? griff: meantime, the former director of csis chris krebs sounding off how this was a fair election. >> the proof is in the ballots. the recounts are are consistent with the initial count. to say me, that's further evidence, that's confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected and the american people should have 100 percent
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confidence in their vote. griff: president trump weighing in on twitter saying that "60 minutes," quote, never asked us for a comment about their ridiculous one-sided story on election security, which is an international joke. he added the 2020 election was, quote, probably our least secure ever. now, today in wilmington, joe biden is set toe receive his first presidential intelligence briefing but he will do so with a fractured foot he hurt it while playing with his dog over the weekend. doctors say he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks. that's going to get you started, steve, anxiously, will? steve: thank you very much. joe biden was playing tug-of-war with his german shepherd by the name of major. speaking of tug-of-war, when you look at balance of power in the house of representatives, there was supposed to be a blue wave there was not. it was more of an under toe. you need 218 to have the majority with this number of
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people in congress and as you can see right there the democrats have a four-person margin. the republicans gained substantially ainsley of what was anticipated for the election. as we know a lot of people got the election wrong. ainsley: pretty amazing. you are right. we did hear about that blue wave. house republicans more than doubled the number of women in november. the total is now 28. and it was 13. we will have marinette miller-meeks a congresswoman from iowa. they are going to certify the vote today. do you know she won her election by just 6 votes after a recount. this is why every single vote matters. and this is why we are going to talk to jonathan turley about the election laws. the president had that one-on-one interview yesterday and he was talking about election laws and saying he thinks the election was rigged. when you look at some these laws that were not followed. the onliers couldn't observe from 6, 20, 100 feet away.
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the election laws do need to change. we need to look at this. if not, a republican president doesn't have a shot in the future. these mail-in ballots needs to be reformed. >> we need to have a conversation about the future of mail-in balloting. if i was involved in a race that came down for six votes. i would ask for 5, 10 we recounts. ainsley: has to be certified by today. will: back to the balance of power. underneath the presumptive joe biden massive warning sign for the democrats loads expected gains in the house. what we're looking at here is a massive rejection, i suspect, of ideas like defund the police. identity politics. democrats, i don't know, in the wake of this election will engage in any self-reflection but they should because this is absolutely rejection of their ideas. now, some of these house gains, republicans, include freshmen congressman who want to put together in essence an aa counter balance to the left squad. the squad in the house. far left pull mechanism. a lot of these frederick men congressman want to create
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something i think they are going to call it the freedom force to counter act the squad. this is what representative nicole malliotakis from new york this is what she says will be the response to the squad in the house. >> i think what you are going to see is a group of individuals who are going to serve as a counter balance to that -- the values of the socialist squad. we don't believe we should be dismantling the economy. we don't believe we should be destroying free market principles. we don't believe in green new deal. we don't believe in packing the court. steve: she went on to say for the most part republicans picked up because the democratic women elected in 2018 didn't necessarily reflect our values, particularly those who are self-described socialists. that's one of the reasons why david perdue, who is in that -- one of the twin run off elections down in georgia, said that he would buy aoc an airline ticket to go down to georgia during the campaign because he felt that she was out of step
3:17 am
with georgia. and in fact would help him get reelected. will: i bet that's absolutely true. ainsley: let's hand it over to carley shimkus hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. carley: hold a funeral for top scientists decisive response to the killing. iranian lawmakers reportedly chanted death to america in their latest session. this as reports claim he was killed by a remote controlled machine gun. iranian media claiming it was mounted on a car that exploded soon after. fox news has learned jared kushner will visit saudi arabia and question tar later this week. vice president kamala harris is getting slammed for a tweet urging people to help small businesses. harris posted, quote: small businesses, especially black and minority owned businesses urgent live need relief to survive the effects of coronavirus this winter. joe biden and i are committed to helping these businesses during
3:18 am
this pandemic and get them the support they need to thrive in years to come. now, critics pointed out harris helped bail out reuters in minneapolis despite them looting hundreds of businesses over the summer. a major cop union reveals more than 2,000 officers were hurt in the riots following george floyd's death. now, on to week 12 in the nfl. the san francisco 49ers pulling off a major upset. >> robby gold in los angeles. it's up there. it's out there it's good. car cart 9ers edging the rams 23-20 with a last-second field goal. the bears crashing the packers thanks to quarterback aaron rogers fourth touchdown. cans city topped the buccaneers 27-24.
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meanwhile the ten investor broncos struggled after all of their quarterbacks were disqualified due to potential virus exposure. they were demolished by the saints 31-3. cases have been rising league wide forcing teams to cancel in person events today and tomorrow. tim tebow will break down the situation later this morning. it will be very interesting to hear what he has to say about that whole bronco situation, guys. steve: no kidding. ainsley: and how to get through this crazy period in our lives from a christian perspective. thank you, carley. blasting joe biden accusing of capitalize go ahead off their movement. will the incoming administration cave to the pressure? a look at their demands coming up next. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes
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steve: for nearly a week black lives matter supporters gathering outside the home of l.a. mayor eric garcetti vowing to protest until the biden transition team confirms that their mayor is not being considered for a cabinet position our next grind has been on the ground out there in l.a. now with more. we have the daily caller reporter jorge venture raft. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: it sounds like there is a possibility there have been some trial balloons floated that garcetti might be under consideration for secretary of transportation. why is it it these protesters in front of his house hat so much? >> well, steve, over the summer, black lives matter los angeles actually proposed a budget cut to lapd of 1.890 billion% of the operating budget. now, the mayor eric garcetti did reject this proposal did he
3:25 am
slash lapd by 1.5 million. shows you unless these demands are fully met. these groups are going to continue protesting in front of his home and demand a fully abolish lapd. steve: jorge there in l.a. county which is where you are sitting right now, what would you say if somebody did a public opinion poll how many residents of l.a. county would be supportive of the, yep, let's defund the police? >> i would say say probably about four out of 10 to defund the police. steve: that's a lot. >> yeah. but i think i if you actually wt into the minority communities here in los angeles, and actually spoke to the folks on the ground, they support the police. they know how essential it is to have protection. and then, steve, even in this footage can you see theres with a line of police protecting eric garcetti's house. i don't know how many private citizens would get that type of service from lapd. steve: yeah, no kidding. the question is, if they did defund the police, something
3:26 am
goes haywire at your house, they pick up the phone, who comes? >> well, according to black lives matter los angeles it would be a social worker who would be attending to your crime. so, that is something that still a majority of the folks in los angeles don't support, but it is something that has gained some momentum here in the state of california. steve: let's move on from garcetti to joe biden and talk about the lead organizer of black lives matter l.a. chapter dr. molina abdul said. this biden, joe biden capitalized on our efforts to defund the police and then tried to condemn the words at the same time. we want to be very clear that as we happily usher out the trump regime we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the white house in the form of joe biden. what's that quote gotten reaction wise out there? >> well, steve, to be honest, it's actually not shocking whether it's a democrat or republican in the office unless the lapd or police departments
3:27 am
across the country are totally abolished, these groups are going to continue mounting pressure until these demands are met. and i think they thought with a joe biden administration coming that they would be more open to defunding the police. but the whole time, joe biden did campaign more on a centrist campaign. he never actually really came out and said he was fully supportive. i think, steve, we are going to continue to see these protests even with a biden-harris administration. steve: joining us from l.a. county jorge ventura, daily caller, sir, thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: as the u.s. gets ready to roll out a covid-19 vaccine the cdc needs to figure out who gets it first. our next guest says teachers should be given priority so we can reopen american schools. what do you think about that? hear from her coming up next. ♪
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carley: good morning, back with quick headlines. robert mueller is set to give his first interview since wrapping up his investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. the special counsel and former fbi director will appear on the podcast titled oath. it's hosted by former acting dea administrator chuck rosenberg. and former trump campaign adviser carter page is suing the fbi and doj for, quote, unlawful spying during the russia probe. >> i'm hoping for real justice. it's been a very long battle over four years since this illegal spying was happening. carley: page claims he suffered because of errors the fbi and doj made while submitting fisa applications. will? will: thanks, carley with a
3:33 am
coronavirus vaccine still on the way and many students still learning from home in a fox news op-ed should give teachers priority covid-19 vaccines so schools can reopen. joining me now is columnist adrianna cohen. why should teachers move to the front of the line and be prioritized in getting a vaccine, please. >> absolutely. millions are suffering being cut off from peers and teachers. with school closures we have millions of american children who are staring at computer screens all day. this has taken enormous toll on them physically, mentally and academically. if you look at mentally how it's effecting them mental illness is up in children 5 to 17. the cdc reports 31% increase in emergency department kids suffering from mental illness since april. this is a catastrophe.
3:34 am
secondly, you have the issue of failing grades, all over the united states we're seeing marv number dropping out of school because virtual learning isn't. dropped out of school system this year. in los angeles, in the largest school district there, 11,000 students have dropped out. we are seeing similar dropouts in north carolina, utah, washington, d.c., and then if you look at the grades, the grades are in, because we have already got the first report card in from the first semester for school. there has been a massive increase in students, middle schoolers and high school students who are failing school. this is totally unacceptable. it's a national health crisis. and we need to get kids back into the classroom. will: i agree adriana, while that has been discussed we haven't done much but give lip service. this is a map of school districts reporting a decline in
3:35 am
public school enrollment over the last year. you can see it's 21 different states have public school districts who have reported a drop in enrollment. what do you think, adiana, the various teacher's unions perspective on this. do they agree with you? do they want their teachers to be moved to the front of the line and prioritized when it comes to getting the vaccine? >> well, i would hope so because their reasoning for keeping schools closed is because they didn't want to have teachers exposed to children possibly bringing covid into the school system and infecting them one way to solve that problem is to get teachers vac sin nighted. vaccines are reportedly 95% effective. reportedly very safe. no reason why teachers shouldn't be demanding this vaccine. if they don't want it, then that raises eyebrows. people are going to start to wonder was this all political or truly about science? because if the vaccine is good enough for doctors and our frontline workers, it should be
3:36 am
good enough for our teachers. and so governors right now need to prioritize the teachers. they are essential workers. and we need to get our kids back into the classroom because, you know, let's also look at the fact that kids being sedentary staring at computer screens 6 or 8 hours at home this is causing increase in diabetes and obesity and other health problems. it's just a catastrophe and it's been going on since last march. this is not like a two-week thing this has been going on for 8 month now. will: the science suggests kids aren't spreading to each other. schools aren't big spreader points and not spreading it to adults. i don't know that we're going to follow the science. we haven't yet to this point there is now doubt that schools should be open. thank you for your perspective this morning. still ahead, the president not backing down, slamming the courts as his team ramps up his legal push today. so does he have a case? jonathan turley is going to preview the road ahead next.
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♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ tis the season to be jolly. ainsley: look at that gorgeous site all-american christmas tree fox square in front of my building. makes me smile every time i walk in it brings in christmas cheer. we need this now. steve: we do. ainsley: hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. cyber monday. let's bring in jonathan turley. glad to have you on after the president's interview yesterday with maria. thanks for being here. >> what an interview, wow. ainsley: he was blasting the court system. he is furious with judges rejecting legal challenges. he wants change. a lot of people agree with him. he was talking about how joe biden got 50 million more votes than barack obama. he doesn't think that that's fair.
3:42 am
he thinks that the election was rigged. listen to some of that interview. >> we're not allowed to put in our proof. they say you don't have standing. i would like to file one nice big beautiful lawsuit with tremendous proof. we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits. as president of the united states, i don't have standing. what kind of a court system is this? carley: how does this play out, jonathan, does it go to the supreme court? >> it will go to the supreme court. i have been an advocate for broader standing for decades he had me at hello on that one. that's not the problem that he's facing. i mean the problem is that there is this disconnect between the evidence and the relief being sought. you know, they have shown irregularity. they have shown unlawful orders. they have shown thousands of votes that were not counted. but, they haven't amounted to the type of numbers that would change the outcome in a given
3:43 am
state. but, more importantly, these judges have balked at the idea of essentially negating millions of votes as a form of relief. and in pennsylvania, the court he is said, look, these voters do appear to have been denied their right to vote. i would rather count their votes than to not count millions of others. that's the disconnect that he is facing. the attacks on these judges, i have to say, are really unfair. many of these judges, by the way, are republican appoint years, trump appointees, they're being attacked. the judicial area is being attacked by both democratic and republican leaders these days. they are doing their job. they are trying to rule according to the evidence. will: jonathan, i feel like like i have talked to you every day over the last three or four days. >> as you should. will: you do not like anyone politicize ago court. this is my question for you. there are now several cases that the trump legal team is trying to push to the supreme court. you have got the act 77 case that was rejected in the pennsylvania supreme court.
3:44 am
the one ainsley is so referring to as well. but they seem to be optimistic. they seem to relish the opportunity to get in front of the united states supreme court. should they be optimistic? do any of these cases have a really strong case in front of the united states supreme court? >> well, i think that the odds are against them in terms of ultimately prevailing and switching the outcome in these states. i mean, they still have the sticker shock problem of trying not to certify these states. but, you know, we talked about this earlier that there is a type of sort of death star strategy. you know, to put this round right into an exhaust type that blows the entire thing up. that can be done. if you can create certification problems, you can move this fight effectively to the floor of congress. it's just a very difficult shot to make. steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about the coronavirus. you know, there are different restrictions in different places. the restrictions here in new york are different than the ones
3:45 am
down where you are in virginia and in washington, d.c. on thursday, the supreme court had set a deadline for the state of new jersey to respond to the restrictions that they have imposed on houses of worship. going forward -- because they say, you know, they are cracking down on us. why do we have to do this when other people in other situations don't? how do you think that is going to work itself out? this new jersey case is interesting. they gave new jersey the opportunities to respond. this is just alito, specifically. and we just had the ruling against new york on religious freedom. the new jersey issue is a little different because it also involves a challenge to the mask mandate. we might be able to see the court articulate sort of the outward limits of free exercise in these areas. it's also notable that justifiable alito just dismissed the challenge by tony spell, the
3:46 am
controversial reverend in louisiana who is challenging those pandemics. so i think what you are going to come out of this is a perhaps a more nuanced view of you who we balance these religious activities? what new jersey -- what these litigants in new jersey are saying is we want to be considered essential just like, you know, the grocery stores. and have some greater accommodation for free exercise. ainsley: jonathan, when it comes to these mail-in ballots, many people don't trust the way this election was handled, especially the mail-in ballots. going forward, many people are concerned about what this next elections is going to look like because if things are not reformed, many worry that there won't ever be a chance for a republican president. what needs to change? do we need a national standard or do we need to leave it up to each state? >> you know, it's strange. because years ago i asked what happened to all those billions of dollars we gave the states to try to create greater uniformity? and, yet, we are in this again. we give a lot of money to the
3:47 am
states and we should be forcing some greater sense of uniformity and transparency for all of these states. will: all right, jonathan, as the court system makes its way every day to the center of the news cycle, i'm sure we will be talking to you tomorrow, perhaps. >> thank god. will: let's go over to janice dean whos hat latest on the weather across the country. good morning, janice. janice: good morning, will and steve and ainsley. we have a big system that's moving across the east coast that's bringing the potential for heavy rain and severe storms the snow on the back side of this cold air pulled in from canada. measurable snow. really first big measurable snow of the season so far. as we get into tuesday. we will see those cold temperatures pour in from canada and the result is going to be very heavy snow across the ohio valley as well as the great
3:48 am
lakes and part of the appalachians as well. there is your forecast precipitation. two day event today and tomorrow and then things start to clear out. there is the rest of the forecast. the east coast will watch this system and we also have the potential for fire danger across southern california once again, central u.s. looks pretty good today. we will keep you up to date will, steve, ainsley back to you my friends. steve: indeed. big storm in the northeast. stay in your house and shop because it is signer monday. j.d., thank you very much. carley joins us you from the mezzanine level and carley, i've got a feeling some time today you actually will shop from your home phone. carley: already on it, my friend. steve: i knew it. carley: you had me add cyber monday. black friday and small business saturday as well. a manhunt underway for a suspect wanted in a string of random attacks in massachusetts. police recently releasing this surveillance video of the man they believed is responsible. he is accused of assaulting at least 10 people earlier this month outside of boston.
3:49 am
now, one of the christmas reportedly has a skull fracture after he was hit with a bat. another victim was a mail carrier. georgia senate candidate jon ossoff is embracing bernie sanders. the democrat saying he would welcome an endorsement from the progressive before warning against a republican senate. >> we all know what's going to happen if mcconnell holds the senate he will try to do with biden and harris just like he tried to do to president obama. it will be paralysis, partisan trench warfare. carley: meanwhile republican senator kelly loeffler explains what's at stake if democrats win. >> they would fundamentally and radically change america for the worst worse. we're not going to let that happen. we are the firewall to stopping socialism right here in georgia and we are going to do that. >> the georgia runoffs are on january 5th. fox news is giving an exclusive preview of the white house
3:50 am
christmas decorations. this year's theme america the beautiful is a tribute to the majesty of our great nation. first lady melania trump thanked volunteers who decorated the white house for the holiday season. the group was smaller this year because of the pandemic but, boy, oh boy, do they do a beautiful job. ainsley: gosh, can they come to our house? they do a beautiful job. gorgeous. melania works so hard on that with that team of volunteers. beautiful. thank you, carley. carley: thanks, guys. ainsley: coming up next, find out how can you help our military and families celebrate the holiday season with operation military christmas ♪ there is just one thing i need ♪ don't care about those presents ♪ underneath the christmas tree ♪ i don't need ♪ pass with no hair wrap.
3:51 am
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steve: as violent crime continues to rise in chicago, thanksgiving weekend no different. the "chicago sun times" reports the city has hit 700 homicides for the year. gore 700. ashley strohmier joining us thrive break down these terrible numbers. ashley?
3:55 am
>> yeah. it's disturbing all right, steve. good morning. police say it was a violent thanksgiving weekend after reporting 37 people were shot. nine of which died from their injuries. the chicago ph.d. superintendent tweeted out saying just as just this weekend more than 10,000 guns were recovered as police work to get illegal firearms off the streets. among those injured were 14 and 21-year-old shot at a park. both in fair condition. a 30-year-old was shot in the head and died at the hospital. police stats show there was a 53% increase in shootings and killings compared to the same time last year. there were 451 homicides in 2019 and 700 so far in 2020. cbd has been shot at 71 times in 2020. compare that to just 18 and 2019. that is a 294% increase in the same time period last year. chicago reached its 700th homicide for the year last week. now, one of the goals for the
3:56 am
force back in april had been to keep that number under 300, that makes it only the second time that number was reached in two decades, steve. steve: a terrible landmark. all right. thank you very much. all right, ainsley to you. ainsley: thank you. this holiday we can do something very special for our veterans and military families. two precious sisters have teamed up, they created operation military christmas. they provide ways to help thank and honor our brave men and women who serve to protect all of our freedom. joining us now row the co-founders of unite the u.s.a. stacey and carrie stoplighting. hey, ladies. >> hi. thank you so much for having us again. ainsley: thank you for what you are doing. i know have you been on fox before. you stepped in when covid hit and the military parades were canceled. and you honored all these vets on your website and paid tributes to them. so sweet. we wanted to have you back on and talk about what you are doing for vets. carrie, started with you. >> thank you.
3:57 am
2020 has been a hard year for everybody. that's an understatement as christmas season is upon us that presents other charges especially for our military, current military, veterans and their families. it's a hard time of year anyway. then when you put 2020 in the mix, so my sister and i want to do something extra special this year to reach out and encourage our heroes and their family through operation military christmas and through another christmas virtual parade for veterans. >> yes. >> so we are offering a lot of tips on our website. unite where you can learn how to reach out ways to reach out to our veterans, current military. and their families. so, in addition to learning how to participate in the virtual parade this christmas. so, it's going to be extra
3:58 am
special. >> that's right. >> that's what we are trying to say. ainsley: i'm sure it will be. it's time to pour all this extra energy we feel from the frustration of 2020 and turn it into something positive and reach out to our freedom givers givers in our country. passionate ever since we have been teenagers. ainsley: stacey refresh your recollection a military family what gave you this idea? >> this is actually if we had more time i would love to share some more about this. we were already doing things like singing for the president and reaching out anyway because wanyway wewitnessed a fatal acce prayed the victims receive christ and it was very traumatic experience. and even though we have had relatives serve and we have
3:59 am
always been very focused on that. this really amped up our passion and so. >> because we know our heroes -- so much for it. >> exactly. we really have a heart for people with, you know, post-traumatic stress. and that's one thing about this year that we are acutely aware of that a lot of people are really challenged by 2020 but then factor in the post-traumatic stress that our veterans bravely battle every day. so, we are encouraging people to send in pictures to be featured in our christmas virtual parade of heroes. and we are encouraging people to also just do something. send a meal. don't wait for a military family get back to you. just tell them we are sending you a meal. you know, like order online, something like that.
4:00 am
contact your neighborhood hearsing home that's another thing. ainsley: i'm sorry we have to leave it there but thank you, ladies. we are all searching for significance under a are all making a big difference. operation military christmas. unite the thank you, ladies. all right. it's the top of the hour. we are starting our second hour with you right now. ♪ ♪ steve: big story today the worst of the pandemic, they say is yet to come. >> we may see a surge upon a surge. close the bars and keep the schools open is what we really say. >> we're not allowed to put in our proof. they say you don't have standing. what kind of a court system is this? >> the problem is that there is this disconnect between the evidence and the releasing thought. >> today president-elect joe biden is set to receive his first intelligence briefing as his campaign announces he will have an all-female senior communications team. >> violent thanksgiving weekend in chicago leaves nine dead among 37 people shot. a 53% increase compared to this time last year.
4:01 am
ainsley: look at that gorgeous site. that's our all-american christmas tree out on fox square in front of our building. makes me smile every time i walk in because it just brings us christmas cheer we need this right now. steve: we do. ainsley: hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ ainsley: just saw that segment with the two sistering honoring our veterans w honor them. to say god bless this great country there sour american flag and will joins us today. brian took the day off. hey, will. you did a great job this weekend. will: i appreciate that it is officially christmas season, flight pete hegseth my buddy on the weekends and i have this conversation don't jump the gun on thanksgiving. very opposed to christmas music
4:02 am
and decorations before thanksgiving is over. now i think it's okay. we can officially and we have moved into christmas season. steve: indeed. listen, one of the things you can tell, one you have the reasons you can tell is because not only do we have our christmas tree but also at the white house they unveiled the christmas decorations. we have some amazing video. look at how pretty that is right there. the theme this year is america the beautiful. and the big christmas tree and there you have got melania. the theme is america the beautiful. the christmas this year comes to the white house from west virginia's dan taylor he had 18 and a half foot christmas tree a frazier fir i believe. they have to have 18 to 19 feet in height for the tree. so that it actually reaches the ceiling of the blue room. there you can see the colon made and the east room is deck core raided and the state dining room and there is a christmas tree right there state dining room
4:03 am
has that famous ginger bread that they have. >> we played earlier carley showed some when she was reading some of the headlines. second time we have seen it. exclusive this fox this morning. white house decorations are beautiful. i had a chance to go and report on it two years ago when melania took me through the white house. so much detail and hard work. all volunteers that do. this my gosh, they are so professional. it is beautiful. it's gorgeous. i wish they could come to all of our houses that is the people's house. and it's -- when you walk in to the east room, that's the gold star family tree and they put that up every year. and that's how visitors are first welcomed. will: beautiful. he is not at the white house. griff jenkins is in washington. and the president has been sounding off the election lawsuits in a fox news exclusive interview and griff has the latest. good morning, griff. griff: that's right. will, steve, ainsley the president's first interview since the election and exclusive
4:04 am
with our own maria bartiromo. the president was calling out his own doj and fbi for missing in action. hills words, in responding to alleged voter fraud and blasting the court system. the president says he hopes, though he is not confident, this up in the supreme court, watch. >> i'm going to use 125% of my energy. i've got the best supreme court advocates lawyers that want to argue the case if it gets there they said it's very hard to get a case up there. we have tremendous proof. we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits. griff: this comes as the president's legal team is expected to file what is called an application to the high court in the coming week pertaining to the stiskts case in pennsylvania that was dismissed by an appeals court. meanwhile, the former director of the cyber security and infrastructure security agency chris krebs sounding off on how this was a fair election. >> the proof is in the ballots.
4:05 am
the recounts are consistent with the initial count. and, to me, that's further evidence, that's confirmation that the systems used in the 2020 election performed as expected and the american people should have 100 percent confidence in their vote. griff: president trump weighing in on twitter saying that "60 minutes," quote: never asked us for a comment about their ridiculous one sided story on story which is an international joke. he audited the 2020 election was, quote, probably our least secure ever. meantime, in wilmington today, president-elect biden will receive his first pdb or presidential intelligence briefing but he will do it wearing a walking boot. biden fractured his foot while playing his his dog major over the weekend. doctors say he will likely have to wear it for several weeks. steve: griff jenkins reporting live from d.c.
4:06 am
we thank you very much. you know, we have been talking this morning how "60 minutes" had about a 10-minute segment last night on chris krebs who was at the department of homeland security in charge of making sure that the election was secure. and he got fired after he came out and said that he it was the most secure election in american history. the president slammed "60 minutes" he said it's a one sided story. they never asked us for comment and insisted that the election was rig you had. clearly when you look at the numbers and things like that, the president did say. however, one interesting thing that chris krebs, who is a lifelong republican and worked in the bush administration, has worked for president trump for a number ever years, who was fired via tweet, one thing he did say that was interesting, he said the administration deserves credit because president trump's administration secured the 2020 election better than any other administration in american
4:07 am
history. so that -- you know, that's what he says. and you hear what the president said. ainsley: the president was saying last night what about dump? where is durham? what about the doj? why aren't they investigating all of this. steve: they could be, we don't know. ainsley: keeping moving on and go onto the next president. a lot of voters are concerned about this election. they want to make sure it was fair. want to make sure mail-in ballots if they are used in the future. i know they had to be with covid. if they are in the future and democrats had their way it will happen. steve: ainsley, at the same time, a lot of us mailed in our ballots. we would like to know they counted. ainsley: exactly. we want to make sure that dead people don't get ballots. we want to make sure that poll watchers are allowed to observe from the right amount of distance. we just want to make sure the election is fair. and going forward this is so important, because i have heard it said time and time again if it's not fair and mail-in ballots are not reformed and use them in the future then a republican president will probably never happen again. will: i understand why krebbs
4:08 am
said he believed it was the most secure election in american history, he said that because of the percentage of physical ballots involved in this election still though in unprecedented election. steve: paper ballots. will: unprecedented election in american history with the highest percentage of mail-in balloting we have ever seen. it's hard to believe this would add up to the most secure in american history. it is absolutely unprecedented what happened in this election. does that add up to the amount of election fraud to change an election? does that add up to a court win for the president's legal team? well, we spoke to jonathan turley, fox news legal analyst a little bit earlier about what the evidence is amounting to and the potential for a legal win for the trump team. listen to this. >> the problem is that there is disconnect between the evidence and relief being shot, they have shown irregularities. they have shown unlawful orders. they have shown thousands of votes not counted but they haven't amounted to the type of numbers that would change the
4:09 am
outcome in a given state essentially negating millions of votes as the form of relief and in pennsylvania, the courts said look, these voters do appear to have been denied their right to vote. i would rather count their votes than to not count millions of others that's the disconnect is he facing. will: pessimistic on success in court. i think what's happening here we are quickly moving toward a political case being made. means president trump is talking to state legislatures in michigan. pennsylvania. attempting to make their case. there may not be enough evidence for a court system but there should be enough evidence for state legislators to change their electors. will they find more success there? we'll soon find out. steve: ultimately the way the president has miss messaging on this it's clear he thinks the election was stolen.
4:10 am
going forward, you know, there are a lot of people who are never going to believe the outcome of the election because the president said, look, these numbers don't add up. his -- you know, his case is being presented in various courts and ultimately it will -- you know, they will figure out what to do. nonetheless, what do you think? do you feel like it was stolen? there are people out there who do. but, at the same time, like jonathan turley said, we have got to see the evidence. meanwhile, we are seeing evidence that joe biden is forming his cabinet. he announced an all-female communications team yesterday. also, there was some interesting back and forth. one of the names suggested to head up the office of management and budget is a woman by the name of nina tanden. who has in the past worked for a -- let's see the ceo of the liberal think tank center for american progress. and it's interesting because shortly after that name was
4:11 am
floated a spokesperson for john cornyn a texas snearnt senator said this tanden who has endless stream of comments about the republican senators whose votes she needs stands advisory chance of being confirmed. so it doesn't sound like she will wind up being confirmed but, ainsley, then have you got all these other names for the national security team that we saw last week. how many of those names will be confirmed? ainsley: rahm emanuel is being floated for transportation secretary as we have heard in the past and we know aoc doesn't want that she was tweeting out. she said this is shameful. concerning he is even being considered because she thinks he has covered up a murder. and tom cotton was saying yes, he pledged to unify the country. so why not see unification within your cabinet. everyone is he choosing, he says, they are very controversial individuals. will: do you know what they're, ainsley. they are very familiar names.
4:12 am
ainsley: that's true. they say this the is swamp again four years ago all over again. will: involved in the obama administration. joe biden says it won't be a third term for the obama administration but all of these names, most of these names slalom see that as a return to normalcy others will see it, ainsley and it was written in the "new york post" this weekend return to the swamp. ainsley: that's why the president says i will run again in four years. will: another story for you. this when it comes to schools. atlanta parents frustrated as schools deemed it safe to film the spiderman movie but still not safe enough for students to return to school. steve: think about it though, doesn't spiderman wear a mask? wouldn't that be safe? will: i think he also show social distancing i'm not sure there are many in that school now. steve: nobody in the school. will: this the is tweet from greg blew stein from the atlanta
4:13 am
constitution why parents in georgia school districts are frustrated in a nutshell atlanta students still don't know whether they can return to classrooms the cast of spiderman is about to film in two local high schools. look, here's the thing, and we have had a couple conversations about in this morning. when we t. comes to discussions we should be safe and response sick. some of these rules are capricious and in fact as we have seen several times most of the people who make these rules don't follow them themselves. ainsley: and they are still getting paychecks. steve: they are. here in new york city about 10 days ago the mayor closed all the schools and put a lot of parents in a pickle because it's like wait a minute. i have to go to work. who is going to take care of my kids? well, yesterday, the mayor announced, you know what? we kind of figured out what we were doing wrong. and we are going to fix it going forward. so starting a week from today, the kids will be back in school
4:14 am
ultimately they if i canned out schools are a safe place for kids. dr. fauci said that however, there is one part of american society that has been closed, opened, close you had, opened that is not safe he says. and that's some place you go at miller time. watch. >> close the bars and keep the schools open is what we really say. if you look at the data, the spread among children and from children is not really very big at all. not like one would have suspected. so let's try to get the kids back but let's try to mitigate the things that maintain and just push the kind of community spread that we're trying to avoid. steve: one of the things dr. fauci said was given the fact that it looks like there is going to be a surge on the surgeon, the fauci family has decided to essentially cancel christmas. they are not going to be getting together. ainsley: tough make a decision that's based on your family's situation. if you have an elderly parent living at home that's going to be different than you, will with your young children at home.
4:15 am
you have to do what's best for your family but keep all of america safe. bar owner in staten island though they shut him down and not allowing him to serve inside. he said i can't do this. i opened up this bar to support my family and my community. so he is saying come, in eat for free, give a donation because they took his liquor license away. that way he can certain alcohol or he says he can without getting in trouble. so people are dropping off checks. people are going into the restaurant to support him and his family. he says i don't want to do this. but he said i have to make money. there is the bar right there? it's callemack's public house. carley: moderna will ask the fda for emergency approval for coronavirus vaccine today. the company making that announcement just moments ago. clinical studies show the vaccine is more than 94% effective at protecting people from covid-19. pfizer has already filed for its approval for its vaccine. meantime, a suspect is arrested after a nearly 9 hour long
4:16 am
standoff with police. an officer and two others were shot in albert lee, minnesota just south of minneapolis. police say the suspect sustained injuries while randomly firing a high powered rifle from inside an apartment complex. about 130 residents had to evacuate. others sheltered in place. the injured officer was treat you had and released from the hospital. thankfully. nearly 90 million americans could lose their paid leave if congress can't pass another relief bill. the benefit which reportedly covers about half of the u.s. workforce is set to expire at year's end. president obama's chief economist urged lawmakers to pass whatever they can. >> there isn't stimulus. this is literally just relief money until we can get the furnace back on. it's just keeping people from being evicted. keeping businesses from shutting down permanently. if they have to accept half of
4:17 am
loaf. then they should accept half a loaf. carley: meanwhile senator chuck schumer is pushing for the senate to pass the $3 trillion hero being act. is there anything dwayne "the rock" johnson can't do or sell. the hollywood super star unveiling his own holiday ice cream line. >> here comes dwana clause right down lane. open up the freeze tore deliver you the wormsd best ice cream coming at you again. carley: the boothy creations from salt and straw dwanta spiced eggnog ice scream made with his own tequila. offered five pack point $65. if he is selling it i'm buying it. steve: does the rock have rocky road? that would be a no-brainer.
4:18 am
ainsley: i'm sure with extra rock. very clever. ainsley: his ice cream is right next to his tequila. four bottles of tequila and four things of ice cream. steve: must be nice. one of the candidates heading to court this week amid reports of irregularity. going to join us with the latest on her race coming up next from new york city. ♪ - [narrator] with the ninja foodi power pitcher, you can crush ice, make smoothies, and do even more. chop salsas, spoon thick smoothie bowls, even power through dough, and never stall. the ninja foodi power pitcher. rethink what a blender can do.
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finding the right words can be tough.n it comes to autism, finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to [what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here.
4:22 am
yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. steve: well candidates from one of the country's last undecided house races, new york's 22nd
4:23 am
congressional district are headed to court this week after a judge halted the stinks process amid reports of voting irregularities. despite all this, the democratic incumbent implied in a tweet that he won the razor thin contest. joining us now with the latest republican congressional candidate claudia tenney who is running to reclaim other congressional seat. claudia, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so your opponent, anthony bran diseasey put out a word within the last 48 hours that he was the winner and in fact head by 13 points. is he they had wednesday: all
4:24 am
right. so, it looked like he was ahead by 13 votes, 13. now, this morning, i'm reading something from your campaign, you're ahead by 13 points. >> yeah. these are tentative numbers. and what the people should understand is that there are literally hundreds of ballots that the judge is going to consider this week that are disputed ballots. they are absentees that objections have been made by the each of the candidates. there is about 400 i -- plus there is consideration of so-called affidavit ballots. those are ballots for people who show up at the polls and for some reason, for an administrative reason in some cases they are not shown as registered to vote. in some cases they aren't actually registered to vote. steve: right. >> all of this stems back to the confusion that the fact that governor cuomo did an executive order in august of this year changing all the rules,
4:25 am
promising to provide aid and resources to all these boards of elections. and none of that was done. and so these people were overwhelmed with absentee ballots because of the way the application online was unverified. steve: right. you know, there is a process to do things like that where you change the voting rules and the requests for mail-in ballots and that is through the legislature. it didn't go through the legislature. it's not a law. it was an executive fiat. and that's why we are where we are where there are all these challenges. claudia, one of the miraculous things that happened in your race is not only did a 96-year-old woman who said she never voted looks like she voted. but dead people voted in your race. >> yeah. and honestly, this is part of the problem when you have no verification system. the boards are overwhelmed. this absentee voting. the mail voting is causing a huge problem. look, normally they process
4:26 am
about 7,000 absentee ballots district wide in a congressional race. this time they are processing over 70,000. plus over 3,000 so-called affidavit ballots. this is unfair to the boards of elections and they haven't been able to handle it with the precise guidelines. we are going to court this week. it's undermining voters and the integrity of our voting process. we also had one count where their entire computer system went down october 15th and never came back up null election day. we were hacked. all points to so many irregularities on a system that really needs to be looked at and overhauled and unfortunately governor cuomo decided to do that without the input of e%, the legislature and people and really considering the integrity of our voting process. as you can see here i'm a marine mom. our family and many people throughout our history have served this nation to protect our sacred right to a right to vote and not have that
4:27 am
undermined by a system created by new york. it's this close race that is focused on it. this is why my race has a little bit of what you are seeing winner-take-all problems with voting across the nation. steve: indeed. >> thanks for letting me talk about it. steve: you bet. it's a very tight race. you are ahead by 13 votes right now. we will see how it goes. you have got your day in court today and throughout the week. we will keep people posted. >> thank you. if people want to help it's claudia for i appreciate your support. steve: clawtedia, thank you so much for joining us. good luck to you. 7:27 in new york city. we have a fox news alert on this monday morning. ♪ moderna is asking for emergency approval of its covid-19 vaccine. we're going to have breaking analysis from dr. nicole saphier coming up next.
4:28 am
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carley: good morning, back with quick headlines. this florida man is lucky to be alive. 62-year-old stuart bee was found desperately clinging to capsized boat. a ship spotted him 90 miles off port cape canaveral. his boat had mechanical issues and started taking in water. god bless him. spacex is planning to launch latest rocket type 9 miles high in upcoming test. the 165-foot tall star ship serial number 8 is just one of a series of prototypes designed to carry people to the moon and even mars. ceo elon musk says the prototype could fly as early as wednesday. look at that. ainsley: ethics exciting. thanks, carley. this is a fox news alert. big news this morning in the race for the coronavirus vaccine
4:33 am
the drugmaker me mo concern that asking the fda for emergency approval of its vaccine today. here to react is the author of that book right there "make america healthy again" dr. nicole saphier. this is excellent news. can you till us all about it? >> very exciting news this morning. moderna has officially going to file today their uea with the fda about their coast vaccine. they are reporting a 94% efficacy rate. one of the more important thing that they also said it was 100 percent effective in preventing severe illness sum similar to the flu shot. get the flu vaccine and still get the flu but does a great job in making sure it's not the severe effects of the flu and now it looks like moderna is going to be the same with covid-19. that's another way to keep people out of the hospital. ainsley: that's great. the fda is meeting on december 10th to talk about pfizer. will they also be talking about moderna or will that be a separate panel? >> it will be a separate panel. right now the fda is reviewing
4:34 am
all the information that pfizer has submitted. on december 10th they are going to convene and doing a nonbinding vote to see if it actually should get approved from the eua or not. a couple days before december 10th wee have a good idea if it will be approved or not as the staff report comes out. they will be submitting the documents online so it's available for public commentary. that is crucial to get rid of some of this skepticism that's being present with the public right now. it's really important that this process is transparent, which it's going to be. ainsley: i know the cdc is going to meet this week to discuss who is going to be vaccinated first. i'm sure we you have back on to talk about that. this is dr. saleen godder. she is on the covid advisory board. listen to this, nicole and we will get your reaction on the other side. >> we fully expect that in about a week or two after thanksgiving, we will see an increase in cases first. then about a week or two later you will start to see an
4:35 am
increase in hospitalizations. and then another week or two after that you will start to see deaths. and so unfortunately, that means that many people who celebrated with family, with friends over thanksgiving will find themselves in the hospital in icus over christmas and new year's. ainsley: dr. saphier dr. birx said assume you have it if you traveled for thanksgiving. >> so. that's right. anxiously, you know, i have been saying now for a couple months and i feel like i should be a translator for dr. fauci and now dr. gounder even though what she is saying is not true. make sure we are not pushing people away to wanting to adhere. dr. fauci said maybe we should cancel christmas. is that true most ridiculous thing possible. many safe ways to be together for christmas. while do i agree we had over 9 million americans travel during the thanksgiving time that will undoubtedly result in a rise in cases which will result in a rise in
4:36 am
hospitalizations and will result in a rise for death. we have uncontrolled splefd the country. although the majority will not die from in this is still a deadly virus. we have a few more months of this. pfizer is going to likely produce 20 million vaccines for americans by the end of 2020. just give it a few more months. if you travel over thanksgiving break, i do recommend assuming you have the virus. i recommend assuming everybody has the virus right now. i think i have been saying that since the spring. do what can you. wash your hands. if you traveled over the break, i would consider getting testing right now if you don't want to self-quarantine for 10 to 14 days and know there is a big light at the end of this tunnel. ainsley: yes. christmas is around the corner. the births of our xavier and then these vaccines great news. dr. saphier we appreciate having you on. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: violence erupting 600 times this summer as a new
4:37 am
report reveals over 2,000 police officers were injured. will there be justice? can leaders solve the crisis? we'll ask lawrence jones who has been on the ground covering all that chaos coming up next. ♪ injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. so, give that just saw a puppy look.
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♪ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ everywhere you go. steve: shot of the morning. beginning to look a lot like christmas in our nation's capital. there you saw a second ago the first nation there she is right there unveiling christmas decorations at the white house. ainsley: this year's theme america the beautiful a tribute to the majesty of our great nation. will: melania trump thanked the group of volunteers the group was smaller because of the pandemic. turned out to be very, very. steve: beautiful. theyed those halls. >> they sure did. let's deck our halls by bringing in a guest of the show lawrence
4:42 am
jones fox news analyst. we are having a debate. >> good morning. will: i think you are single. >> yeah, i am. will: so therefore have you not decorated for christmas, right? >> not yet. i typically do it on the night of thanksgiving but it's been a crazy year. ainsley: will was saying when he was single no way did he buy a christmas tree. some guys in the room say they do buy the little ones. >> you do and the ladies love it. it gives you some personality. will: right. let's move on to really one of the most interesting news items of the day, lawrence. that is this rift. this developing rift between what is a potential biden administration and the progressive left. it's typified by this story right here. new report that rahm emanuel is being floated for transportation secretary. and that looks to be outraging progressives a quote from ax joe's strongly considering rahm emanuel to runt department of transportation weighing the
4:43 am
former chicago's mayor on experience on exrurecke fracturg over concerns policing record. what do you know about this lawrence? >> bottom line is this. there was always going to be a rift between the progressives and moderate. this goes to show you that you have got to pick one side. you can't serve two masters. and i think joe biden on one hand wanted to say hey i'm this moderate because he didn't wants to lose those trump voters that trump was able to get in the past. but then he wanted to say i'm going to be the most progressive president. the big rift for rahm emanuel is the way he handled the laquon mcdonald shooting. it was a cover-up within the city that he had stand and once we got all the videotape of course that officer was charged with murder. a lot of progressives are saying hey, biden, you said you were going to be this change agent and you are bringing a guy that is a swampy corrupt type guy that is a part of that dirty chicago politics. steve: well, you go from chicago
4:44 am
and go to l.a. and we were talking about this in our first hour. l.a. mayor eric garcetti has had black lives matter protesters in front of his house. they are -- they say they are going to continue to protest until the biden team makes clear that he is not being considered for a job in the cabinet. they are thinking about him for inspection or hud. but they just don't want him on the cabinet. and once again, you know, it's one of those things where the progressives are disappointed in the names so far. >> i think it was shortsighted of this entire team to think that these progressives, who aren't -- they are not partisans. they don't care about political -- they care about the ideology and pushing the democratic party to the level of progressive politics that they like so the idea that they thought these people were going to go away once biden was electside baffling to me.
4:45 am
they will sink this ship as i continue to tell people. they have an agenda. these people ran on a record. a lot of these people that are going to the house that are a part of this new squad were activists on the ground. and that got elected tell them they were able to get stuff done. we know because they are going to be divided government they won't be able to get stuff done. the only way to be reelectside to hold joe biden's feet to the fire i has a big mess to deal with as i continue to tell people i have got my popcorn already popped. i can't wait for this showdown to happen. ainsley: you know, people are so angry and so mad in this country right now. if you look at chicago, they reported a violent thanksgiving day weekend resulted in 37 shooting victims, including nine who died from their injuries. then released from major city's chief association. violence erupted nearly 600
4:46 am
times. violent uproars and all of these protests that we have seen this past summer leading to 2,000 police officers being injured. how do we fix this? >> so, ainsley, that was the best question anyone could ask right now. because, you guys see me rant about all the reports that i do in chicago, filly, baltimore, i even show the kids that have been murdered. i talk about the poverty. the despair. but the question really is what do we do? i think there is an education issue in this country. we think that the federal government has this much power to affect policy on a local level. the local politics must change and there has to be a challenge. it is true that the majority of these cities are run by liberals and progressive democrats for years. but there hasn't been a challenge on the local level from the republican party or from libertarian movement on the ground to give the people a choice. what i have learned from
4:47 am
traveling the country for two years, i did a whole year's series in all of these cities before the cities were on fire talking about liberal cities in crisis. i showed the despair. they want a choice. they want something -- these people don't like the politics in their town. but there isn't a challenge. and so if i can make one republicans. have you goplea to the republicn and challenge these guys and a choice is it wealth or poverty? will: absolutely, lawrence. your diagnosis is spot on. there is a fight over the future of the democratic party and how progressive it will be and perhaps we need to step back and realize that might not give us the answer to our problems. lawrence, thanks so much as always. >> i appreciate you all, family. happy thanksgiving. steve: now go get that christmas tree. >> i'm going to get one with the lights already on it and it's fake. will: i wants to see a picture of proof. that's what i want to see. a single man's christmas tree up in his apartment and i want to see that picture to make sure it
4:48 am
happens. ainsley: he won't be single for long if he gets that tree. >> that's right, ainsley. will: let's go over to carley for additional headlines. carley: not going to be single long if you let america know that he is a bachelor. overnight iran holds a funeral for a top nuclear scientist as the regime promises a calculated and decisive response to the killing. this as reports claim he was killed by remote controlled machine gun. iranian media claims it was mowngted on a car that exploded soon after. fox news has learned jared kushner will visit zawsh and qatar later this week. sean connery's death has been revealed. the actor best known as the first person to portray james bond died last month at 90 years old. now, according to his death certificate, obtained by tmz connery died from pneumonia, heart failure and old age. the scottish actor's family had told fox news he died peacefully
4:49 am
in his sleep. cyber monday is expected to be the biggest online sales day ever adobe analytics predicts bring between 10 and $12 billion after black friday retail sales sore 22%. bringing in a record $9 billion. however its in-store sales plummeted by 52%. and those are your headlines, guys. steve: why go out when it's raining? it's raining here in the northeast. carley: i couldn't agree more. steve: all right. thank you, carley. let's go to janice dean who joins us now from the weather bunker with a preview of today and a couple of days out. janice: you are correct. across the east coast. all up and down the east coast the potential for heavy rain, severe storms and snow on the back side. so there is our front, our area of low pressure moving across the great lakes and in the front associated with it moving over parts of florida and the southeast. the potential for severe storms
4:50 am
as well as very heavy rain in some cases several inches in a short period of time. there is your severe threat for parts of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast. large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes as well. keep you up to date. future radar as we go through time on the back side of this cold air pouring in from canada and very measurable snow over the ohio river valley, the interior northeast and parts of the great lakes. so there is the next 24 hours. the rest of the country fairly quiet. i will point out across southern california the winds are back. so critical fire danger for you. so if you are traveling today. just be aware the east coast is very busy. and lots of wet weather to keep tracking. back to you will, steve, and ainsley. ainsley: all right. good deal. you are right. traffic is going to be -- people coming back from visiting. friends, relatives. steve: wherever they were. ainsley: be careful out. there after an order to shut down schools, the kentucky governor getting suited by his
4:51 am
own attorney general. daniel cameron joins us on why he is fighting for private religious schools to be open. ♪ - [announcer] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven. make family-sized meals fast. and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away. the ninja foodi air fry oven, the oven that crisps and flips away. . .
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4:55 am
>> why this could affect the balance of power in dc for years to come, ashley. ashley: the census count is what's used to divvy up house of representatives districts to states and that's why states with high illegal immigrant populations are pushing back saying it could takeaway seats from both republicans and democrats. nearly 11 million illegal immigrants live in the u.s. the census counted everyone regardless of citizenship, the case is considered a key front as the trump administration trying to cement immigration legacy before president-elect joe biden takes over. in the meantime border patrol is rushing the finishing the president's border wall, cornerstone of 2016 campaign. the administration has repeatedly promised to build 450 miles by year's end and according to cbb -- cbp, that is, 406 miles of the wall have been finished as of november 16th with roughly 10 miles of new wall built every
4:56 am
week. it's crucial they finish before biden takes over as key part of immigration plan is stopping wall con construction but according to reports biden is more focused on ending president trump's travel ban and stopping deportations for the first 100 days than on the wall. back to you. ainsley: good deal, thank you so much. the countdown to christmas is on and fox nation is rolling out holiday specials to get you and your family in the spirit including a new fox nation original film. >> i can't bring my mom back or make my dad walk but but i can swing an axe. >> christmas in the rockies and available now in fox nation and more new releases are coming this week. peter: here with preview of fox nation host casey mcdonald.
4:57 am
good morning to you. >> steve and ainsley make big fat cameos in this film. fox nation is on the scene and they are making the biggest splash. you were you rooting for katie from the get-go, the family struggle, will she defy the odds and will she save christmas and her family business, you to watch it, must see. ainsley: there's other christmas movie called christmas on the range, what is this about? >> this one is equally as fabulous. it is like a rodeo, range julietette.. can he follow his heart and make amends with his dad?
4:58 am
ainsley: casey, i think we have a clip. let's watch. >> here we go. >> hello. >> i heard the screams. you need a hand? >> it's not a good time. >> i'm a vet. >> grab some gloves. >> you're up. ainsley: they are all family friendly, aren't they? >> they are all family friendly. all bearing you up for christmas. these are awesome movies. i'm so glad that fox nation is dipping the toes in this water. >> i'm trying to figure out where the range is. montana, maybe. >> you're focusing too much on the background. >> let's talk about one more in catalog, bean crosby and in this one merry old christmas.
4:59 am
let's take a watch from a clip of that movie. peter: what a duo. >> that is a duo to steve's point. what can you tell us about that? >> that came out in 1977, his wife katherine in the movie and david bowie, he has this grandios song about history. they go to england. it makes me want to have a musical family. you can have a musical family if you turn this on. peter: talk to the mcdonald family to see about that. looks great. head to fox nation to watch christmas in the rockies and mark your calendar and then merry old christmas with ben
5:00 am
crosby and david bowie comes out on wednesday. what a busy two hours we've had so whatever. we-- so far. we have one more and this is "fox & friends". ♪ >> a dire warning from top health experts saying restrictions could be underway. >> it has to stay on the table. >> this election was rigged. this election was a total fraud. >> we did it right. that was a secure election. >> breaking news on the race of coronavirus vaccine. moderna announcing vaccine is 94% effective. >> it was 100% effective in preventing severe illness. >> violence erupting nearly 600 times this summer as new report reveals police officers were
5:01 am
injured. >> the majority of cities are run by liberal and progressive democrats. there hasn't been a challenge on the republican party. >> fox news is getting an exclusive preview of the white house decorations. this year's theme, america the beautiful. ♪ >> good morning, welcome to "fox & friends". you're looking live at the all-american christmas tree on fox square. steve, ainsley, we were just talking about fox nation's new christmas movie. yesterday on the weekend show i asked this question, what's the best christmas movie in the last 10 years? you think about all of our standards, they are getting a little old. ainsley: you're like ainsley. that was 20 years ago. >> what's the best movie of the last 10 years? peter: great question.
5:02 am
mary, she's 31 and lives in dc, our family got together via zoom, on wednesday before the day before thanksgiving mary send text message to kathy and me, how long do you put a whole turkey in the microwave, she did. my wife wrote back because she did write a new york times best seller cookbook, kathy, wrote back, you can't cook a whole turkey in the microwave. next days -- day, 11:30 in the morning. how did you cook it? in the microwave and mary, said, something so old, millennials are doing via text messages.
5:03 am
they did not cook a turkey in the microwave. ainsley: it was all a joke. peter: never put metal anything in the microwave. ainsley: now christmas season, you can put up trees now if you haven't done it already. start shopping, it's cybermonday and you can get good deals. peter: 3 minutes on top of the hour. this developed in the last hour, the company moderna is going to file for emergency approval of its coronavirus vaccine later today the drug according to research has been proven to be 94% effective during clinical trials, the company says it expects advisory committee meeting on december the 17th. ainsley: that's exciting, pfizer has filed for emergency approval in the u.s., the first batch of doses were delivered by united airline flights into chicago over the weekend and the uk says
5:04 am
that first vaccine rollout could be a few days away. >> that's amazing, as experts are running the rush in thanksgiving travel will create surge in cases. >> we may see a surge upon a surge. we don't want to frighten people but that's just the reality. we said that these things would happen as we got into the cold weather and as we began traveling and they have happened, it's going to happen again. >> experts say tighter restrictions could be here before christmas. in california, more than 10 million residents are under lockdown today, other counties are rolling back nonessential activities and imposing curfews. i do think as we mentioned earlier it's amazing how quickly this virus or vaccine has come to market but not just in how quickly it came but apparently how effective it is as well. how many vaccines amount to 94, 95% effectiveness? stunning. peter: it has been remarkable. it's all about early on before people now what was going on
5:05 am
with the virus. the administration, jared kushner and the president put together a public-private association where they brought people from private industry in the healthcare world to figure out, we need ventilators, how do we do that and how do we do the ppe and all the things and then it led to the rushed to get a vaccine and operation warp speed which has been very, very effective. one of the interesting things about the vaccine and the other one from astrazeneca and oxford, effective too but only when the first dose is half a dose. and then the second dose is a full dose. that was an accident. they figured it out by accident. they were looking all around the world, why is it so much more effective in that part of the world. they only gave people half a dose. they are scratching their heads,
5:06 am
why is that? ainsley: yeah, i know. cdc will meet to discuss who gets the vaccine first. small businesses are really hurting right now and when you look at these staggering numbers, here is the proof, 31.2% in new jersey have had to close, 27.8% in new york, y'all that's a third of the businesses in two major states and without new york city doing well, we interviewed someone on long island, without new york city doing well, that affects people in long island, new jersey not doing well, so many individuals had mom and pop restaurants. peter: national average of small businesses being closed, national average is 29.8%, just about 30% of small businesses across the country, we are just highlighting those two states which are surrounding us. ainsley: small businesses are saying, if i have a mom and pop
5:07 am
store, if i have a small restaurant why are you allowing a wal-mart and target to open, i understand they are essential. the guy in staten island, i can not afford to close town. they took away liquor license. no one can come inside because he's in an orange zone. so he has now said i'm sorry but i cannot abide by this, so anyone who wants to come into my bar, can. you can order food and you can order drinks i'm not going to charge you, so he has found the loophole, please leave a donation. one mom and son drove from brooklyn to staten island, they have a gofundme page. >> 30% is staggering number. here is what eileen has said, without federal dollars coming to new jersey, mainstream stores and other establishments will not make it through the winter. this isn't a local story. not new jersey, it's a national
5:08 am
average as well. ainsley: all over the world. >> absolutely, ainsley. corporations are best suited to survive government mandates, it falls hardest not just on small businesses but the individual entrepreneurs, individuals having to make it to survive not just pandemic, mental health depression, everything that accompanies all of the shutdowns and unfortunately there may be more shut downs to come. here is what phil murphy had to say about what was on the table for new jersey. >> you hate like heck to even have to consider that and god willing we won't have to. i will tell you what would really make a difference here, a big federal stimulus sooner than later with a lifeline to small businesses, restaurants, folks who are unemployed. that would be a game-changer not just in lives but prospects but more degrees of freedom in terms of dealing with the virus. it's on the table in terms of a
5:09 am
shutdown. i don't anticipate it. >> if the government mandates closures, the government should be there to help on repercussions of closures. we have to have to take higher account of ledger sheet, balance sheet. the economic effects and mental effects are not receiving enough attention. peter: sure, the care's act provided funding but they still have money left in that and, you know, we heard from both sides on capitol hill, we want to help people going forward with unemployment because a lot of it runs out the day after christmas but the democrats and the republicans have been far away as they look at the lockdowns. speaking of lockdowns. phil murphy may say we have to have another lockdown in new jersey starting today out in los angeles, they are going to do a 3-week lockdown.
5:10 am
my daughter, the other one who is not cooking the turkey in the microwave, my daughter sally and her husband were at lap yesterday, day before yesterday, they flew out on the red eye so they could get out of town before the travel restrictions and everything else they were cracking down with out there. ainsley: people are scared to travel too because you'll hear some people going and they are worried they will get stuck and not be able to come back to travel restrictions, people going to the islands and things like that. when i hear them say that's not off the table, i think, well, what about putting food on the tables at the restaurants or in these homes? i do see all sides because i do want us to be safe, i don't want anyone to get covid but i don't want small businesses to collapse. peter: sure. ainsley: a lot of people aren't getting paid right now. peter: look, do the right thing. ainsley: do the right thing. peter: into smart about it. if you're out and about around people that are not in your bubble wear a mask. speaking of wearing a mask,
5:11 am
that's part of a lawsuit, the supreme court is set to hear this week a lawsuit from houses of worship in new jersey where they feel that they are being cracked down upon unfairly, part of the petition to the supreme court, the first amendment protects religious exercise from discriminatory value judgments by public authorities in the exercise emergency powers, more than 8 months into the covid, however, religious gatherings in new jersey in several other states are being treated unequally relative to secular activities, why do they have to mandate masks in houses of worship in and had this
5:12 am
observation about this anded that question and the new jersey issues a little different because it also involves the challenge to the mask mandate. we might be able to see the court articulate the outward limits of free exercise in the areas and also notable that justice alido dispelled and what you will come out of this perhaps more nuance view of how we balance the religious activities. peter: it would be interesting what the supreme court does decide. ultimately birx was on
5:13 am
television and said if you did travel from your home, for the health of your family and safety of your family assume that you have the coronavirus and in the next week, if you can, get a test. ainsley: the series of court battles brought up by the rabbi and state, state officials have to respond by -- >> what we are seeing, though, there are limitations. you will find limitations to what individuals are willing to do but limitations on what you can legally do. i like what justice neil gorsuch said last week. there's only so much that government can mandate upon free
5:14 am
people. peter: to that point, will, the problem at this point is because everything is surging, in some spots hospitals are maxing out. that's how it all started. we had to flatten the curve so we didn't overwhelm hospitals so if you had a heart attack you could get a bed in the hospital but if they are being overwhelmed by covid, that screws up the entire equation. >> we have other stories we are following this morning, griff jenkins live in washington, griff. griff: that's right, will, ainsley, steve, good morning to you, the president was not holding back with our own maria bartiromo in first interview since the election calling out the department of justice and fbi for missing in action responding to voter fraud and blasting the court system. >> we are not allowed to put in our proof, they said you don't have standing. i would like to call one nice big, beautiful lawsuit with tremendous proof.
5:15 am
we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits. the president of the united states, i don't have standing. what kind of a court system is this? griff: the legal team is expected to file for the supreme court in certification challenge case. chris sounding off on how this was a fair election in slamming the president's attorney rudy giuliani at the press conference at the rnc. >> it was upsetting because what i saw was an apparent attempt to undermine confidence in the election, to confuse people, scare people, what it was actively doing was undermining democracy. that's dangerous. >> president trump weighed in on that.
5:16 am
he added the 2020 election was, quote, probably our least secure ever. now in wilmington today president-elect biden will receive intelligence briefing, the one the president gets but will do it wearing a walking boot, experts say biden will wear a boot for weeks. peter: be careful. the president did tweet out yesterday to joe biden get well soon. all right. meanwhile 8:16 in the east. coming up closest congressional race in the country. our next guest leading democratic opponent by 6 points. you're watching "fox & friends". it's monday from new york city. ♪ ♪
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ainsley: our next guest was in the army for 24 years and now set to win house race in iowa second district by margin of only 6 votes or democratic opponent rita hardt after recount. >> good morning, ainsley. how are you today? ainsley: i'm doing well. >> it's been a bumpy ride, roller coaster, of course, a lot of stress on both candidates and campaign and teams and families, we are glad to have the recount behind us and be able to get on to the work to serve the people of the second district. ainsley: how well do you trust the system? >> in iowa we have good election system and we passed additional
5:22 am
election laws which would help to secure absentee ballots so you have to request absentee ballot and on the request you have to include driver's license or voter identification number and the information cannot be filled by county auditor. some counties try today prepoppulate forms which then opens up the absentee ballots or mail-in ballot for fraud but we were able to file a lawsuit not our campaign personally but lawsuit was filed and that's prevented and law upheld. we have a good election system. there were some differences in how each individual county conducted the recount. the recount board has to decide that. maybe that we need other provisions in our state law addressing how recounts are done. ainsley: democrats ultimately regained the house and they talked about the blue wave. so many republican women were
5:23 am
elected, so by republicans doing so well, does this signal do you think there could be republican-controlled house in 2 years? >> absolutely. that certainly is going to be one of the goals. it's the goal because of the policy provisions that we have to make a better country and better country to live, race a family and the republican women that were elected are women of substance and merit. i was a nurse prior to physician, former director of public health. i'm not the only one that has a recess may like that. we have very robust resumes, beyond our sex, we have a group -- talented incoming fresh, freshmen women and it's going to be exciting to work with them and work to regain the house in 2022. as you said there was not a blue wave. as far as i know no republican
5:24 am
incumbent lost their seat and the republicans gained seats, so coming very close to getting that majority. ainsley: a few that have not been decided yet, we will wait and see. congratulations congresswoman elect, that was a tough race. i know it went back and forth in recounts. congratulations, we wish you all the best. kentucky's attorney general suing his own state's governor to keep religious schools open. daniel cameron joins us in first interview on the lawsuit, that's coming up next. keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief.
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>> we are back with football highlights, week 12 of the nfl, san francisco 49ers pulling off a big upset.
5:29 am
>> robbie gold in los angeles. it's out there. >> 9ers edge the rams 23 to 20 with last field goal, the packers crushed the bears 41 to 25 thanks to rogers four touchdowns. chief's quarterback patrick mahomes throwing 3 touchdowns, 27 to 24 and steve doocy is clapping and happy. they are not so happy in denver where denver broncos struggled after all quarterbacks were disqualified due to potential virus exposure. they were demolished by the saints. coming up a little bit later tim tebow, he will break down the entire situation. that's later this hour. over to you, steve. peter: will, thank you. in the state of kentucky we liggous schools there stay close for the foreseeable futures after judge ruled i didn't do in favor of governor andy basheer,
5:30 am
democrat issued order to close all schools public and private and now finds himself in a legal fight against those who say his order violates religious freedom s. >> as far as the schools, we are treating everybody the same, asking everybody to share this sacrifice, the same folks have sued us every time we have tried to do something to stop covid-19. right now we can either all work towards a solution or some of us can try to knock down the steps that we take and the result is additional lost life that we can avoid. peter: man leading the fight against the governor, kentucky attorney general cameron, mr. attorney general, good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. peter: we heard the governor say i'm treating everybody the same. he closed the public schools and the private schools at the same time including the parochial
5:31 am
schools, religious schools, why is the governor wrong? >> well, look, what we have said from the very beginning is that you have to have a delicate balance in terms of respect of keeping people safe, free exercise of religion in the common wealth of kentucky. again, i respect his responsibility to keep people safe, but we have to safeguard our religious freedoms here in kentucky and so when you tell folks that send schools to religious-affiliated schools and that they cannot attend school, it infringes on first amendment rights. we've had over 1500 parents join us in this litigation, we've had
5:32 am
over almost 10 schools, christian-affiliated schools join us in this litigation as well. we won at the federal district court who said that there was -- it was appropriate to issue a statewide injunction because it infringed first amendment rights, a panel at sixth court of appeals disagreed and stayed that injunction, and so now we are ready to send our case to the supreme court. we will be applying for review by the supreme court hopefully today. peter: so let's hope that they make a determination and they figure this out as quickly as possible. because as we have heard, you know, president trump has said for months that schools are safer than being at home or out and about for the kids. and, in fact, here in new york city mayor de blasio said yesterday he's going to reopen the schools here a week from today because mayor de blasio said we know now that it's hard for kids to transmit it and
5:33 am
schools are safer than being at home in some cases. >> that's right, steve. even yesterday you heard dr. fauci echo similar sentiment that children should be back in school. i know 1500 parents that send children to private- religious affiliated schools. most kentucky parents want kids back in school. it's fundamental that kids back and improve on educational development. that's core to progress in our communities here at home and across the country. peter: he's the attorney general for the common wealth of kentucky. joining us today from louisville. you can tell by the background. attorney general cameron, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. peter: coming up parents in atlanta outraged because the schools are losed there and yet they're able to make a spiderman
5:34 am
movie? what's that about? the federalist ben domenech on that. ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln
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>> we have officially entered the christmas season. a little bit aerialier we showed you christmas decorations are out at the white house. ainsley: every room on the plain floor decorated for christmas. it's beautiful. >> we will soon have stuff up in here. christmas trees scattered out. i saw them, time to bring them in. before we do that let's bring in in in in ben domenech.
5:39 am
i'm not sure how this informs us on that, this is joe biden's potential presumptive all white house communication team which is all females. we can show you, on down the list you can see other members as well. symone sanders will be speaking for kamala harris. what do you make of this, ben, how does this reflect on potential divide between progressive side and democratic party? ben: i have to say, first off, good to start with fake news this morning in part because this washington post depiction of biden having this all-female communication's team is being unprecedented event runs reality that today in white house we have communication's team that's
5:40 am
dominated by women. what you're actually seeing them here is them trying to use this type of step to cover up for the fact that progressives are actually going to be pushed aside by the biden administration in large part. they are going to hold up the fact that, hey, we are checking all diversity boxes,let not pay attention to the fact that symone sanders should have been press secretary after all the work she did during the campaign but she has more progressive views, people know that. she's going with kamala instead. this is going somebody to go that you see throughout the administration with employments where you have a cabinet secretary who is going to be someone that the progressives really like, that the sanders wing of the party pushed for and they get old-swamp contractor coming back to have another go at it. >> progressives are actually
5:41 am
being pushed aside, steve. steve: let us ask you about this. we saw last week, ben, the -- the potential names in the cabinet and including his national security team and i think we've got a graphic that shows some of the selections, there they are right there. you have the news that neera tanden could possibly run the o omb which prompted senator -- rather senator cornyn from texas, his spokesperson that there's zero chance that she will get confirmed by the senate, so and tom cotton, in fact, tweeted this out, joe biden we wanted to unify the country but picked national security team that's weak on china. we saw the faces right there. dhs nominee who sold visas per powerful political friend and partisan hack, he's referring to
5:42 am
neera tanden called susan collins the worst for omb. so much for unity, ben. ben: there's a lot of bad blood for neera tanden. she's had poignant words for the right and a lot of people remember it. they view center for american progress an entity that in 2016 was dedicated ensuring success of hillary clinton, preventing success of bernie sanders and preventing the rise of a lot of the justice democrats. neera tanden is a controversial person for a lot of reasons not just statements about republican politicians. i think she's going to be a tough person to get in such a significant role. ainsley: ben, there's a story makes headlines in atlanta because the latest spider-man needs to be filmed so marvel is
5:43 am
paying because schools are losed in some areas, a lot of people are upset, why are you letting filming in schools. what do you think? >> ben: it's been a great time to work in big tech. people have been able to figure out ways to deal with the challenge of this virus and people discovered one of the things that we should takeaway being a good thing that they don't have to fear a lot for their kids. do i view this as a situation
5:44 am
that really needs to be mitigated and has to be mitigated now because kids will be suffering in a significant way already from having essentially a lost year and the fact that this will drift further and further into next year as well, it will create a whole generation of kids who will be set behind in a significant way. it's total failure on our part to not address this and the failure of governmental leadership to stand up to the teachers union is apparent to a lot of parents. >> here, here. the individuals who suffered the most but the poorest amongst us suffered the most from the types of shutdowns, ben, good to see you again, thanks for being with us. ben: you left the cowboys out of your nfl update. i don't know why you did that. weird. >> your chance to get with me was friday and not monday. ben: you got beat by one-legged quarterback. >> wonderful comeback story.
5:45 am
ben: absolutely. ainsley: i thought you were from south carolina, someone told me that. >> i grew up in virginia. i've been here ever since i was a teenager and will knows where my affiliations. peter: we booked him to talk about politics but he just wanted to talk about sports. ainsley: tim tebow coming up. carley: more than 2,000 officers were reportedly injured in 600 violent protests in the country's largest cities between may and july. this as 37 people are shot and including 9 killed this weekend in chicago. lawrence jones joined us earlier
5:46 am
to react. >> local politics must change and there has to be a challenge. if i can make one plea to the republicans, you have to go down there and challenge the guys and give the voters a choice. is it wealth or is it poverty? carley: homicides in chicago surpassed 700 last week. up 53% from this time last year. jon ossoff embracing bernie sanders, he would welcome an endorsement from the progressive before warning against republican senate. jon: we all know what's going to happen if mcconnell holds the senate. he will try to do to biden and harris just like he tried to do to president obama. it would be paralysis. or car republican senator discuss what's at stake if democrats win. >> they would fundamentally and radically change america for the worse. we will not let that happen.
5:47 am
we are the fire wall to socialism, stopping socialism in america right here in georgia and we are going to do that. carley: all important georgia runoffs are on january 5th. well, it's beginning to look like christmas at the white house. first lady unveiling the holiday decor. this year's theme america the beautiful. in new york city visitors will need a ticket to see the rockefeller center christmas tree. the mayor says it's to help prevent large crowds. tree-lighting ceremony is set for wednesday. hopefully it'll look better than sad display that we saw earlier this month. peter: i have seen it all decked out, we don't need a ticket, it's one block over there. coming up, covid throwing the nfl season into chaos. former nfl player tim tebow coming up with reaction next.
5:48 am
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[what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something?
5:51 am
[ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. ainsley: this holiday season more americans are filling up virtual carts more so than the real one. >> grady trimble life in chicago to describe how big stores like wal-mart are giving amazon a run
5:52 am
for its money, grady? reporter: black friday was the second biggest online shopping day ever behind only cybermonday of last year. today's cybermonday expect it to top that. we spent $9 billion on black friday online according to adobe analytics, up 22% compared to last year. amazon, of course, had the biggest share of online spending but followed closely by wal-mart, best buy and target. in terms of retail, foot traffic was way down, 52%, retailers tried actively to reduce number of people in their stores this year by reducing the number of door busters and moving door busters online. this cybermonday if you're looking to shop, here are some of the best deals at wal-mart. apple airpods are on the list, d yson robot vacuums and well,
5:53 am
you might be interested in some barbie dolls that are on sale. there are good deals across every corner of the internet. look at e-mail inbox, i'm sure it has been flooded like mine has with deals. >> i don't have any daughters, grady. steve: apparently ear muffs are too tight on grady. ainsley: you can buy them for my daughter, will. steve: just having fun. meanwhile, let's move onto sports. rough night for denver broncos after team was forced to star a rooky wide receiver as the quarterback after every other quarterback on the team was deemed ineligible due to exposure to covid. ainsley: the 49ers, they're looking for a new stadium, new home because santa clara county,
5:54 am
they banned all the contact sports. >> what impact could all of this have as we get closer to playoffs, well, we have to talk about former nfl player and founding member to have new social unity app kindly, tim tebow, tim, what's up, man, good to see you. hey. >> good to see you, will. it's been a while. >> across different air waves. coronavirus is ravaging the nfl. san francisco 49ers are suddenly homeless but the broncos situation is interesting because it turns out that pulling up a practice squad in 24-hour notice is tough time to run offense, right? >> regardless of who is playing quarterback, that's going to be a tough game, i got a chance to watch some of it. that's a tough situation when
5:55 am
you're playing someone who hasn't played in years. you're putting runningbacks in, that's a tough situation. steve: what about san francisco? the lockdowns there and they can't play in their own house. tim: it's going to be interesting. i think, you know, obviously this week we will make a big deal out of it. but there are so many different setbacks for so many teams this year and i really think the difference between good teams and great teams is not do you have a good game plan but the ability to adjust. in game, this hasn't been the first but it's not the last of the season of setbacks. really, you will see the best teams at the end of the year. they'll be the ones that make the best adjustments. end game but handling all of the things. it's one of the things that football teaches you, you go in with a plan but what happens when the plan goes haywire and
5:56 am
everything changes? you have to be willing to change, adapt. ainsley: tim, i'm noticing the christmas decorations behind you. we had a debate earlier on the show, when you're a single guy do you put up christmas decorations some said yes and some say no. tim got married in january and look what she did with the house. >> yes, i did decorate when i was single but not nearly as much, so -- there's a lot more. ainsley: we want to ask you because it's been a tough year for everybody, christmas is around the corner, the reason for the season is jesus christ, our savior, we will be okay. can you talk about what you're doing now to spread kindness and positivity in the country? tim: something i'm pretty excited about. social media, social unity app that we launched a couple of
5:57 am
weeks ago called kindly and the goal for this is to be able to spread kindness and actually our goal is to have 1 billion acts of kindness and to also raise $1 billion for charity because it's free to sign up but to post you have to pay 1 dollar and you can pick which one resinates with your heart and goes to charity and not only we will spread act of kindness but we will support nonprofits and kindness can contagious. when other people -- you also might want to spend a few minutes of the day going and viewing acts of kindness and to give more and to care more and we really believe that hopefully we can get to a billion acts of kindness and raise a billion dollars for charity. >> let's take a look at one of those acts of kindness put together from kindly, tim. tim: god day -- good day
5:58 am
shopping? [laughter] >> do you think maybe today we could help you with that, buy your groceries for you? we would love to do that. today you don't have to watch your pennies. >> thank you so much. >> it's really awesome, tim. social media is a place, sewer of negative most often and here you're doing something that's making positive impact in real life. tim: we really believe, we believe in kindness. we believe that it's contagious and we believe that this could be a home for the pay forward movement. people can go on with their families and laugh and see acts of kindness and maybe even cry to see all the awesome things going around. we spent the last 9 months, you know, dealing with something that's been very difficult and heartbreaking for a lot of people but i also want to say is even in that time, i had seen a lot of unsung heros that have
5:59 am
truly believed in acts of kindness. we know a family that would go around and deliver meals almost every day at people's front porches and they would ring the doorbell and leave before anybody would show up because they didn't care who it was coming from. they wanted the family to know there was a warm meal that was waiting for them. we want to be able to give platform for it and be able to inspire that kindness is contagious and we can all go out and do something for someone because we don't have the ability to change the world but we have the ability to change someone's world. steve: the lady that you bought groceries for, did she recognize you behind the mask? tim: no she didn't. later we had an opportunity to connect. she's super sweet and amazing lady. ainsley: great to do that with kids too. i can show that app to hayden and we can do something kind to someone else. our country needs.
6:00 am
it's free, kai -- kindly. everyone have a great day. we will see you tomorrow. >> so long, everybody


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